Friday Favourites: DIY Decor and Dining

The week is finally finished!

Here are some of my favourites from Pinterest this week, as well as my new favourite lipstick.

Favourite Dining Room:


I love the way this room is pulled together with the rustic table, and the chic decor pieces.

The colours are neutral in the room, but the subtle pink in the flowers, accented with some more pink around the room would be gorgeous.

Love this way of pairing a more rustic piece with accessories to make the room have a chic feel.

Favourite Recipe:

Two Peas and Their Pod: Baked French Toast Muffins

This looks like such a delicious breakfast treat.

Definitely wishing someone made this for me this morning!

Favourite DIY Decor:

Pink When: DIY Table & Kitchen Decor

I love this idea, to personalize your kitchen.

Perfect to match colours and tie the decor together.

Also, a great DIY gift idea.

Favourite Backpack:

LuluLemon: Back to class backpack

I’m look for a new backpack with lots of compartments for my laptop and other necessities.

This is perfect, and even has a detachable section that turns into a purse.

Favourite Lipstick:

Revlon: Colorburst Matte Balm

I spent a really long time in Sephora last week trying to find the perfect red lipstick, and I must have tried 50 different colours. I finally found one that was close but expensive, so I thought I’d try somewhere else.

I came across this Revlon Matte Balm on sale and bought it to try.

I love it! The colour is exactly what I wanted, and it lasts way longer than I expected it to.

I wore it to work, and it lasted about 5 hours!


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