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Emma Courtney is the founder, creative director, partner, and cat mum.

As an interior design and commerce graduate, she started this site to share projects as she renovates and decorates her first home. Teaching you how to get a designer look on a budget, blending design and function!

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How did you start DIYing

I have always loved being creative, but when we bought our first home, I quickly realized how much it cost to have professionals do the work. I then became extremely determined to learn how to do things myself to save money. Plus, I love the challenge of getting a high-end look for less!

Where do you get inspiration from?

I love absorbing design inspiration from many places, including Instagram and Pinterest, but also travelling!

I’d love to start DIYing myself. How should I get started?

I’d pick a small space to start with, such as a powder room, laundry room, or closet. Find design inspirations, and make a plan on how you could accomplish this and what tools you might need. Keep it simple to start and build from there.

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